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Crucial moment in the life of the house A.BERGERE, the harvest takes place over a period of 12 to 14 days in September and October depending on the year. Grapes are exclusively hand picked with great rigor by “hordons” motivated and familiar place pickers.


Pressing takes place in the shortest time possible on efficient presses to prevent the grape skin color the juice in contact. Must be1.6 kilo of grapes to collect 1 liter of must (grape juice).

Finish off the seeds and impurities, the must join the winery thermo regulate to transform slowly in white wine under the action of yeasts: this is what called the alcoholic fermentation.

Then come the inevitable filtration steps that allow the wine to rid of all the materials in suspension. 


January is the peak season for blending steps essential to the taste of the preparation A.BERGERE. André, Brigitte, Annaelle and Adrien meet to taste the wines of different grape varieties, different villages, different years to assemble and to define the uniqueness of each of our wines. This is the privileged moment of exchange and sharing family in which everyone does their emotions, desires and sensitivity.

Thus created wines are bottled, along with a liquor “de tirage” allowing effervescence (prise de mousse). This is the step of the second fermentation is know “method Champenoise”. The filled bottles and capped join cellars of darkness to begin a long process of aging. They remain calm and constant temperature, between 3 and 4 years on average depending on the vintage.


Is the end of this long stay, the bottles are stirred on desks and disgorge to get rid of the deposits formed during the “prise de mousse”. And they are then carefully measured with a liquor called “d’expédition”. Thus depending on the cuvées to rebalance to define the “dosage” (brut, demi-sec, extra-brut).


Finally, plugs and wire caps found their final place on bottles before returning to cellars wineries, for a minimum stay of three months.

Washed and dressed elegantly in the colors of the house A.BERGERE, the different “cuvées” are carefully packaged and shipped to the taste of amateurs A.BERGERE..